The Gallery provides a restoration service for your antique swords:

- Traditional polishing of the blade.
- Lacing the handle of the sword.
- Lacing the scabbard for Itomaki no Tachi.
- Traditional lacquering of the scabbard.
- Replacing missing elements.

To get a quotation, please send us detailed pictures of parts to restore.


We are able to provide various types of valuation :

- Valuation of individual pieces or of a collection.
- Valuation for insurance (robbery, fire…).
- Valuation for inheritance or dividing collection.

Every valuation provided by our experts will be documented on an official paper and signed. Such valuation cannot be done without accurate examination of the item. Therefore, each valuation must be carried out by an expert in person.
Photos cannot be accepted for an expertise.

Valuation fees will be 3% (excluding tax) of the estimated value of the items. If needed, travel expenses will be added.

After an expertise, if Espace 4 Gallery is willing to acquire the items of the expertise with the owners agreements, the fees of the expertise will not be due.

If we consider that commercial value of the item does not require a written valuation, we will offeryou an estimation of the item.

We guarantee full discretion and confidentiality.


An oral or written evaluation with estimate will be issued following examination of the item or photos of the item.

If you wish to receive an estimate,
please send us photos of your item by email. :

- the dimensions of the item.
- Clear digital pictures (the picture should be of the following types .zip, .jpeg, .pdf, and should not excess 1Mo each): front, back, underside of the item, marks or possible lettering.

There is a service charge of 30 € incl. tax which can be paid by credit card, cheque or Paypal.
Once paiement has been received, the valuation will be issued.

Galerie Espace 4

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