An inside painted snuff bottle by Gui Xianggu

A glass snuff bottle painted on the inside surface by the artist Gui Xianggu in 1896



A glass snuff bottle in a flattened rectangular shape with rounded shoulders, painted in the inside with a poem written by Cheng Hao (1032-1085) a neo-Confucian philosopher from Luoyang, which reads:

清溪留过碧山头 : A clear stream flows a the top of the jade colored moutain

空水澄鲜一色秋 : Pure water becomes tinged with the colors of Autumn

隔断红尘三十里 :  Our world’s frontier makes 30 li

白云红叶两悠悠 : Both white clouds and red leaves are peaceful

The reverse with moon and bamboo and inscribed in draft script

“Painted at Beijing in an Autumn month of the year bingshen imitating Bada”

Signed Xianggu with two token seals of the artist.

Gui Xianggu, Beijing , 1896

An early example of Gui Xianggu inside-painted work.

Bada Shanren born Zhu Da is a famous monk-painter (1626-1705)

Provenance: French private Collection

Galerie Espace 4

9 rue Mazarine
75006 Paris – France
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