Eighteen deers blue and white ceramic snuff bottle

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A porcelain snuff bottle of cylindrical ovoid shape with a lipped rim and wide mouth, painted in underglazed-blue and copper-red with eighteen deers in a landscape of rocks, pine trees, wutong tree and bamboo. The snuff bottle presents two registers which get together on a mountain which rises from the lower register up to the upper register. Some pine and wutong trees grow on the top of the mountain. The composition of the painting is similar to the one used in the past to illustrate the stories of the buddhist sutras.

A stylized border of clouds around the shoulder.

Apocryphal Yongzheng mark on the base.

China, 1820-1880

H: 6 cm

Provenance: French Collection

Galerie Espace 4

9 rue Mazarine
75006 Paris – France
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