Lenticular Box In Lacquered Wood With Attributes Decor From Noh Theater

800.00  600.00 

Lenticular small wood  lacquer box with Noh attributes, for the Dôdôji performance.



Red lacquered wood (bengara) Lenticular box  decorated in takamaki e and hiramaki e gold, black and light brown with a Hannya mask, a stick and a cape decorated with aoi flowers. These are the attributes of Kiyo-Hime used during the performance of the lyric drama Noh theater: Dôjôji
The inside of the box is silver lacquered.



Boîte lenticulaire en bois laqué à décor d’attributs du théâtre Nô

Galerie Espace 4

9 rue Mazarine
75006 Paris – France
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